Information on overseas branch registration.

Only one branch of IFDA can be registered for each region.
The qualifications of the branch must complete all certification courses of the association and must be able to teach them as well.

Conditions for overseas branches.

* For overseas branch registration, the following basic conditions must be met.

Branch conditions
· You must complete the IFDA regular main course within one year.
· There should be a space for classes for 6 or more students.
· There must be an interpreter who can use Korean. (It's possible even if you're not an employee.)

IFDA's overseas branch activities.

* If you become an IFDA overseas branch, you should be familiar with the following.


· The contract period is three years. If you pay the annual fee, it will be automatically extended.

· The branches of the country and region represent IFDA. Therefore, activities are needed accordingly.
· All students will be issued certificates through the test. The test must be prepared by the relevant branch.
· IFDA tuition fees are determined after consultation with the headquarters according to the country and region where the branch is located.
· All overall details, including the cost of the students' certification test and annual fee, will be decided after consulting with the headquarters.
· Branch offices must host online and offline workshops involving IFDA headquarters in Korea at least once a year in their country or region. (If there are any circumstances, consult with the headquarters.)

How to take the certification test.

* The branches of the country must conduct certification tests for students.

How to proceed

· The certification test is prepared and conducted by the branch. The Korean headquarters observes and evaluates the test online.

· After the test, the branch receives applications for certification from students and delivers the students' information to the Korean headquarters.
· The Korean headquarters issues certificates according to the test results and sends them to the relevant branch.
· The branch accepts applications for IFDA instructor registration from students. (Register within a week after the test)

Benefits of branch activities.

* If you become a branch of IFDA, there are benefits of the association.

Branch benefits

· Official IFDA activities in the country and region concerned

· Registration of branch guidance and registration instructor profile on IFDA website.
· Granting IFDA exclusive activities in the country and region.
· The branch can set and receive annual membership fees and certification test fees for the country and region.
· IFDA headquarters provides the branch with pictures of the headquarters' works, and the branch can use them.
· Provide new certification courses for each country and region.

IFDA branch registration and expenses as of 2022

* This is the cost of joining the branch and other expenses.

Branch subscription fee.
USD 4,500
Annual fee
USD 800 (Occurs when renewing the contract in 3 years.)
Annual fee for students.
USD 80
License application fee. (Occurs per person when issuing a certificate.)
USD 150
The cost of attending and evaluating the certification test.
USD 150 (Every hour)

Department's tuition fee

* This is the cost that applies only to branch registration. (The cost that is discounted)

The required course is a prerequisite for becoming a branch, and the selection process can be acquired if necessary.

Essential course
Certification course
Ingredients for classes
Preserve Flower Certificate course.
separate inquiry
Dry flower certification course
separate inquiry
Flower packing designer course
separate inquiry
Fresh flower basic designer course

separate inquiry

Branch(only Fresh flower)

Fresh Flower Advanced Designer course

Choice course
Certification course
Ingredients for classes
Preserved Flower Advanced Course
separate inquiry
Hand-tied (Preserved Flower)
separate inquiry
Hand-tied (Fresh Flower)
separate inquiry
Branch(only Fresh flower)
Preserved Flower Wedding Designer
separate inquiry
Preserved Flower Wedding Master Designer
separate inquiry

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